Who run the world?


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Happy Administrative Professionals Day to everyone out there that makes the world run smoother. You book our travel, listen to our whines, hand us the tylenol, get us shiny new toys when we break our old ones, organize our schedules, stand in for us when we can’t show up, and support us in every way possible. Thank you. You’re the reason we can do our jobs. You’re the reason that anything actually gets done. We have an advanced society built on the talents of amazing organizers, planners, coaches, therapists, travel agents, all rolled into one thing…administrative professionals.

Throughout my life I’ve encountered so many administrative professionals who held things together and kept the ship on course. I’ve never forgotten everything you’ve done for me, for the office I worked in, and for the institutions we’ve served, so a big thanks and much love to:
Sandy, my mom’s administrative professional who always put me through to her when I was a little kid or annoying teenager trying to get ahold of mom at work.
Jinky, words cannot express how much I miss you. You were an amazing lady. You kept the halls of MHS filled with laughter despite your battle with cancer. We miss you.
Michelle, Nothing. Would. Happen. Without. You. Miss you tons.
Kim, you are amazing and talented and you crack me up. Thanks for always being my go-to for literally everything I needed.
Teresa, thank you for being a bright start to every one of my days in UAA.
And Melody, you’re invaluable and we couldn’t accomplish all that we do without you guiding the way.

So whatever you do, stop and think about who has helped you, find your administrative professional and thank them. They deserve that and so much more.

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