About this blog:

The title of this blog “Projects half Done” is how I view the PhD experience. There are always projects…and at any given time you are always scrambling to get them ALL the way done, regardless if you’re working on a PhD or have completed your degree and are in the workforce. In academia there are always projects, grants, research, classes; and something is always half done. And that’s ok. It really is. It’s learning to make peace within the chaos that matters. So I’m accepting my half-doneness and owning it. If I continue down this path, there will ALWAYS be a project in my life that is ongoing and half done. And really…isn’t our entire life just one big project that’s around half done??

About this bloggette:

I have a PhD in Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education and currently work in the field of veterinary medical education. My main areas of interest are program planning, assessment and evaluation. Yes, I’m one of those people that loves assessment and evaluation. I also have a deep, abiding love for statistics and an addiction to data visualization. I hope with this blog I can find other people in similar fields that love, or at least like and understand, evaluation and assessment work. I also am a runner and a crafter so sometimes those aspects may creep in to this blog, but I will try to keep them separate over on the other blog. Any questions? Just ask!

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All views, opinions, etc. on this blog are my own and do not represent any entity that I work for or are associated with unless otherwise specified.


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