Houston, We Have A Committee


I’m super excited to have finally nailed this committee thing down. I feel like I can make real progress now and everyone involved seems excited about my research. I can’t thank each of them enough, and although probably only one of them will read this…I really am so incredibly grateful to have them helping me with this process. It’s a huge time commitment to agree to serve on a student’s committee and I recognize that and really value both their input and their time.

As far as my research goes, I plan to focus on the evaluation competencies of extension agents. Evaluation is something that another professor opened my eyes to. I fell in love with it and am so happy I took her class. She was a huge part in helping decide my dissertation topic. Although she is not on my committee I owe so much to her as well.

There are so many people I would put on my committee just because they have been so influential in my graduate studies, but sadly our research interests don’t align. They can be on my cheering committee, perhaps. At least in my mind they are. I feel so lucky to be at this University with such amazing professors. They all have helped get me to this point.

Well, I’m going to take my super-excited-newly-formed-committee-energy and go read some things and move forward!!